Tuesday, May 19, 2015

WalMart Jerky Treats

WSBTV.com – an Atlanta television station – is reporting that a Walmart private label brand of jerky treat – imported from China – is linked to 23 sick dogs including 3 deaths. When will this madness stop?

To date, jerky treats imported from China have been killing and causing serious illness in dogs (and a few cats) for more than 8 years. FDA continues to tell pet food consumers they are investigating, but for some reason the FDA can’t seem to find the cause. Only with instances reported to FDA (a small percentage of the actual amount), jerky treats imported from China “are suspected in 4,800 pet illnesses and 1,000 dog deaths.”

WSBTV.com states this Walmart private label jerky treat was brought into stores in 2014. Why – with 8 years of reports of pet death and illness linked to Chinese manufactured jerky treats – why would Walmart go to China to source their own private label brand?

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