Tuesday, February 20, 2018



It is very important to be able to ask your dog to give something to you, especially something he isn’t supposed to have!  If you only take things away that are forbidden to him, he will learn to play the keep-away game – which is no fun for the humans!

Here’s how to teach “Give”:

1.     Give him a toy that he likes;
2.    When he is happily playing, offer him a tasty treat! As he drops the toy to take the treat, say, “Give!”;
3.    Say “Yes!” and give him the tasty treat;
4.    Then throw the toy for him to play with again.  If it’s a forbidden object, you will skip this step.


If the dog won’t give up the toy, ignore him until he gets bored with the toy, then try again. Start the exercise with a toy that is less valuable to your dog or give a better treat. Also be sure you aren’t being threatening with body language or voice when asking him to give.  Make this lesson a fun game.

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