Friday, August 11, 2017

Stubborn dog?

Would you be comfortable if your child’s math teacher described her as headstrong or stubborn because she wasn’t doing well in class?  Would you assume the teacher is right and your child is willfully choosing not to learn her multiplication tables?  Or, would you consider that your child may not fully understand her lesson and needs additional help?

If you’re like most parents, you will do whatever you can to help that child learn and understand more easily. I am thankful that my parents did just that when I was struggling with my multiplication homework as a young girl. Math simply wasn’t my strong suit and I needed a bit of extra help and patience from the adults around me.

I am also grateful my parents understood that labeling a child stubborn, stupid or headstrong does nothing to assist her in her learning process and actually affects the way others see her. Labels are very sticky, you know.

Now I’d like you to consider a similar situation, but with another family member, your dog.  She isn’t coming when you call her.  She’s jumping on guests, even when you shout “No!”  She is such a headstrong dog and must be so stupid because you have told her a thousand times!

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