Monday, June 19, 2017

Puppy Come…or I’ll Shock You??

By: Linda Michaels, M.A., — Del Mar Dog Training

Question: Can you tell us if you think training an emergency recall with P+ (punishment such as a shock collar) could, in any way, be preferable to using R+ (reinforcement, such as a treat or affection)?

Answer: This is such an important topic because both shock collar trainers and so-called “balanced trainers often use Recall/Come in demonstrations to the public or online, as a way to impress their audience and as means to tout the supposed superiority of their training method with “off-leash” training. Buyer beware!

Let’s be clear from the start – No, it would not be preferable under any circumstances in my opinion. Using Positive Punishment to teach Recall is antithetical to an Approach behavior by your dog — as well as a serious public safety issue. Bite “redirection” onto the pet parent is not uncommon in the face of shock and aversive training.

There isn’t any scientific evidence that I’ve been able to uncover that shows that using a shock collar for emergency recall in domestic dogs is effective AND/OR without significant risk of fall-out. Using shock often has known injurious side-effects, almost certainly, psychologically, and in some cases causing physical injury.

Nor, can any type of shock “training” in good conscience be termed “dog-friendly”. Don’t believe what a trainer tells you because they say they’re an “expert”. Anyone can throw up a beautiful website and crown themselves, “master trainer” in an entirely unregulated profession. I say…don’t hurt your dog…ever. Read the entire article

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