Friday, June 9, 2017

Marker Words in Dog Training

Use a Marker Word in Dog Training

A Marker Word is any sound you will use to tell your dog when he/she did something right. It is the first thing you should teach your pet and even though sometimes we "think" our furry best friend knows what we are saying, it is very important to actively train this special word.

It can be a powerful tool if trained and used correctly because it can speed up communication between you and your canine friend. It can also act as a reward itself! After many repetitions, your dog hears those words and feels happy.

Once you teach your dog a this special word, which by the way, it is the equivalent of using a clicker. You need to learn how to apply it correctly. The key is to use it to reward your pet whenever he/she does something correctly.

Right now you may think your dog never does something right, but with a little bit of practice and a trained eye, you will see that there are hundreds of opportunities to reward your dog and teach him to behave properly.  Read the entire article

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