Thursday, July 7, 2016

20 Reasons to Teach Your Dog to Sit

1.  Sit at the door when guests enter  - teaches no jumping!
2.  Sit to have leash and harness put on before going out - no jumping or silly wild puppy!
3.  Sit when front door opens until released to move forward - safety first!
 4.  Sit in the kitchen - avoids counter surfing!
5.  Sit while food bowl is being put down - prevents rushing the bowl!
 6.  Sit before entering and exiting the car - again, safety first!
7.  Sit and look at you while on walks - instead of barking at other dogs/people!
8.  Sit to clip nails on front paws - much easier!
9.  Sit before you toss Rover's favorite toy - impulse control!
10. Sit before taking down the gate or before coming out of the crate - impulse control!
11. Sit calmly to have front feet dried off after coming in from a rainy day.
12. Sit patiently while you pet - polite dog!
13. Sit/stay while others pass by when you’re on a hike.
14. Sit/stay to keep Rover from getting over-stimulate.
15. Sit to give a “high 5”  - a trick!
16. Sit to do the “sit up and beg” trick.
17. Sit/stay on a walk when you stop to pick-up after your dog - poo patrol!
18. Sit on a mat or rug when people enter exit the home - prevents door rushing.
19. Sit after you call your dog to come to you - prevents jumping up.
20. Sit for treats - say please, Rover!

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