Sunday, May 1, 2016

Summer Training Clinics

Does your puppy or adult dog struggle with paying attention to you?  Leash skills not so great?  Do you have a really reliable recall?  Does your dog have a good sit stay with distractions and in differing environments?  Perhaps just one or two of those issues?  A training clinic might be your answer!

My Best Buddy Dog Training is looking at offering some "clinics" this summer. The idea behind them would be that you pay for the entire clinic, but come as you can!  So you might make two clinics one month, and then another then and another a next...You could come to all four, or repeat them and come all summer. You can tailor the clinic to your schedule.

We would repeat the clinic June/July and August. Four topics covered: Reliable Recall, Good Leash Skills, Focus/Attention, Reliable Sit/Stays.

 If you would find this to be something you would be interested in, please email, call or text Robin. Likely we would make this a weeknight class, but are flexible.

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