Monday, April 18, 2016

Raising Puppies to Be Brave

By:  Gayle Watkins

Confidence, self-assurance and composure are characteristics most of us want in our dogs.  These dogs handle the craziness of daily life with aplomb.  They are often called stable and bomb proof in the face of distractions and frights.  They are dogs that trust their own abilities and judgment, as well as their owners’.  They are not needy, unstable nor fearful.

Most people thrive with confident dogs, especially working and performance homes. Search and rescue, guide and service dogs do best when they trust themselves and their training.  Competition dogs succeed when they know their job and believe they can do it.  And stable, bomb-proof pets are, well, fabulous. We use both nature and nurture to develop self-confidence in our puppies.

Here are the top TEN ways for raising puppies to be confident dogs!
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