Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

It's 2015!  Times have changed and how we view our dogs has changed based on what we all have learned about them.  Dogs have become more than our pets, they are valuable members of our family.  As the year begins, it is a good time to make some resolutions!  Here are some suggestions!

1.  Resolve to let your dog use his/her nose.  When you are on walks, take the time your dog wants and needs to stop and smell and investigate. On good weather days, hide some yummy high value treats around and play the "find it game".  Nose Work classes are available nationwide and are fun for all dogs of all ages.

2.  Resolve to exercise your dog's mind and body!  Consider investing in some good brain game toys like a Kong or puzzle games like those made by Nina Ottoson.  Perhaps a slow feed bowl or treat dispensing toy for meal time instead of dumping the kibble in the bowl?   Maybe hire a qualified dog walker for mid day visits while you are at work? 

3. Read!  Consider reading some books on dog behavior or doing some research on a topic you enjoy.  Great information can be found at

4.  Watch a video!  You can find plenty of dog training videos at

5.  Resolve to have more fun!  Consider a vacation that includes your dog!  There are many places you can go and stay! has lots of suggestions

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