Friday, January 30, 2015

Dog Training: Praise or Treats?

Jennifer Cattet, Ph.D.   

standing dogWhile we understand that good behavior should be rewarded if we want the dog to repeat it, there are different opinions about how and how much we should reward our pooches. We might consider that a “good boy!” is a great way to communicate to the dog that he’s done something right, but is it really? Did we affect his behavior as much as we think we did? Does a pat on the head, an “Atta boy!” or a morsel of cheese all hold the same value to the dog? Of course not, that would be like saying that we would work just as hard for a pat on the back from our boss, for a “Well done!” or for a paycheck. Although we might appreciate the praise and attention, they will never compare to our paycheck! As Bob Bailey says: “it has to be worth the animal’s effort!” So how do we know when we’re using the appropriate reward and when we can do away without using treats? Read the entire article

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