Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Therapy Animal/Service Animal Free Eye Exams

The 7th ACVO National Service Animal Eye Exam event will provide a free screening-wellness eye exam to Service Animals including those provide the following services: guide, hearing assistance, drug detection, police/military, search and rescue, therapy, and those assisting people with disabilities other than blindness.

All animals must be formally trained, certified, currently working service animals or formally trained therapy animals with active registration. Those currently enrolled in a formal service animal training program may qualify, but is based upon clinic availability. Qualification paperwork must be provided to the clinic at the time of the exam, in additional to the registration number generated by the online registration. Please note that clinics may have limited availability.

The complimentary eye exam through your veterinary ophthalmologist is of a screening nature and is not appropriate for animals with known eye issues.

If you have a service animal other than a canine, you may still plan to register, afterwards call your local participating ophthalmologist to make sure that your species is able to participate in the event at that location (e.g. felines, equines, etc.)

The definition of "qualified Service Animals" to be screened during this event applies only to this ACVO National Service Animal Eye Exam Day. ACVO is not a publicly funded organization and may define the qualification parameters. Click here for details and to register. Note, sign up begins April 1 and exams take place in May. Space is very limited.

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