Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dog Bite Prevention 2013

Dog Bite Prevention 2013

It is Dog Bite Prevention week, and I am inspired to repeat a post I wrote last year about that topic. I don’t usually repeat blogs, but I’ve seen so much pain and suffering (and I don’t mean physical) over this issue that I am inspired to put it out into the universe once again. Several of you responded with some extremely thoughtful comments and interesting cases: It would be great to hear if you have any updates. Meanwhile, here’s my piece on preventing dog bites, a bit different from the standard advice:

From May 18, 2012:

A million years ago, my first Border Collie Drift lept up and nipped a man’s nose at the Wisconsin State Fair. Even though the man was clearly not injured, with virtually not even a red spot on his nose, I was shook up and appalled. He was furious. “Your dog attacked me!” Clck here to read the entire article.

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