Saturday, April 28, 2012

Leash Reactive Dogs

How to Create a Reactive Human in 10 Minutes or Less By Casey Lomonaco Filed in - Fundamentals - Training Theory "Be nice! Be nice!" Recently, I was chatting in the classroom with a few of our more experienced students. They mentioned encountering the following scenario quite often while exercising their dogs at a local park: Individual is walking dog on leash. Dog sees other dog, barks, leash goes tight. Owner pulls dog back on leash, saying, "Be nice! Be nice!" and fumbling with a tight leash until the distraction has passed. Sounds like a recipe for reactivity, right? In the scenario above, the sight of another dog becomes a prediction of a negative experience—being corrected and jerked around on a leash. There is a good chance that this dog may develop a leash reactivity problem. Read the entire article

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