Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Force Free Dog Training

By: Drayton Michaels, Urban Dawgs

The Force Free Dog Training culture has a main objective now more than ever to educate people so that they do not end up causing their dogs fear and pain. The fear and pain approaches are still lurking around, it’s better but we’ve got work to do.

By educating people about legit dog training and behavioral modification, by showing them their dogs do not need to be reprimanded, kicked, hit, shocked beaten down in order to learn, we are putting a stop to that dog abuse, and it is abuse, and those people are living a punishment lifestyle. We are decreasing dog bites, we are extending dogs lives we’re adding years to their life because we’re reducing stress. 

I am not na├»ve, behavior does not change overnight and again as I’ve said many times the biggest variable is the human, that is the variable which is most important. The dog needs a good association to people, fear generalizes easy for dogs, and that association to humans will erode if that dog is met with fear and pain on a daily basis in order to decrease behavior. 

Force Free Dog Trainers indeed are here to help people learn and to get their dogs better trained so they can have less stress in their life, but one of the most overarching goals in our work is to educate people so they change their behavior and they do not cause their dogs fear and pain, ever. It’s simply not needed, ever. 

Force Free Dog Training may not have started out with advocacy underpinnings but it certainly is now one of the main reasons Force Free Dog Trainer’s need to stay strong and keep moving on and educating the world at large because the way we approach Dog Training without fear and pain and force, using science and math, common sense and empathy making sure the dog feel safe sure sounds advocacy to me. 

Stay strong team Force Free! 

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