Monday, July 31, 2017

A Lesson of Respect and Empathy

By:  Drayton Michaels, Urban Dawgs

I agree with Dr. Overall, dogs co-evolved with human beings and the reason why dogs are so intertwined with humans all throughout our history is to teach us a very simple lesson, be kind and and gentle and empathetic towards innocent creatures that for the most part could kill you, yet don't, despite being subjected to stress on a daily basis. 

This is the lesson of respect and empathy towards creatures that helped us in our evolutionary process. We humans were able to acquire life supporting resources like food, water and shelter more reliably than dogs after some time, but at the start dogs had the survival advantages, and it was humans that needed dogs, not the other way around. That's a debt we owe dogs not the other way around. 

Considering how remarkably few dogs kill humans despite all the stress humans create for them, dogs return the respect and empathy 100 fold. Do we though? Dogs co-evolved with humans and they provided us with safety, hunting for food, entertainment and warmth and for that we all owe them respect, empathy and protection.

The human race, as in every single human on this planet owes the entire canine species their lives because without them, the human race would not have evolved as quickly or as efficiently or as well as we have, so we might not be as far along right now if it wasn't for dogs.

To some humans, dogs are special, valued beyond a thing to have, to some humans dogs are to be cherished and prized. To some humans dogs are evil, to some humans dogs are an afterthought, not even considered.

Every single human on this planet owes a part of their existence to dogs and it's about time that dogs bare minimum were appreciated and respected and given considerations to be safe and well cared for and not hurt or scared intentionally in order to teach them anything. Ever.

Dogs are here to teach humans by way of a test, which is; what do you do when you have innocence in your care? What are you made of then?  
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