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Wednesday, October 21, 2015DO YOU KNOW WHO MAKES YOUR PET'S FOOD?
Dr. Judy Morgan
The vast majority of pet owners buy their pet food in the same store where they buy their groceries. Many pet parents purchase diets prescribed by their pet's veterinarian to treat different disease problems. But is there really a difference in the quality of ingredients used to make these foods? While some foods are proclaimed to be made in US facilities, the real question lies in the sourcing of the ingredients to make those foods. It is IMPOSSIBLE to know where the ingredients started by reading the pet food label. Pet food companies are allowed to say "Made in the USA" if the food is put together in the US. It does not mean the ingredients started in the US. Commonly, synthetic vitamin/mineral supplements are sourced overseas, usually China. The latest new ploy, now that pet parents have decided to avoid products "Made in China" is for the pet food companies to source or assemble in Viet Nam, Cambodia, Thailand, or Taiwan. The question is, how safe are ingredients originating in those countries? What oversight governs production of food (or feed) products? Who tests the ingredients before entry into the United States? My recommendation for every consumer (yes, you have homework) is to call the company that makes the food you want to feed. Ask them where they source their ingredients. Ask if the meat is sourced from free range, antibiotic-free, hormone-free flocks or herds. Ask them what kind of purity and quality testing they perform. Ask if they use synthetic vitamins or real vitamins. Ask if they add artificial flavors and colors. Once you make a list of questions, you can easily find a phone number to reach the company by looking online or looking on a bag or can of the food. A good pet food company will readily answer your questions and be pleased to serve you. I recently called Allprovide pet food and asked these questions. The owner of the company answered the phone and provided a clear answer to every question. I called the Dingo pet treat company and got a run-around with a lot of unanswered questions. Who would you buy from? Read the entire article

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