Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Health Benefits of Carrots for Dogs

Dog lovers and owners are typically good about asking what "people foods" are good for their dogs, or bad for their dogs for that matter. This is great, because some foods, like grapes and raisins, are very bad for dogs, but most people would assume that they're not. One food that is actually good for days is carrots. Actually, carrots can serve some excellent health benefits for your pup. Keep reading to understand how and why carrots are good for your dog.

Losing Weight

One of the most common problems in dogs is obesity. This is due to owners leaving food out instead of keeping dogs on a strict schedule, and it is also due to the owner allowing the dog to be a glutton, eating whatever and whenever they want. Your vet may tell you to feed your pooch less food and to put him or her on a schedule, which may simply not fit your lifestyle or frame of mind very well, but you still want your pup to lose weight. Try carrots. If you don't want your pup to be hungry but you want your pup to lose weight, switch out some of that regular food load with some low caloric carrots in the bowl. This will help your dog feel full while taking in fewer calories, therefore losing weight.

Oral Hygiene

Carrots are also a great, natural teeth cleaning and strengthening tool for dogs. The chewing promotes stronger teeth. If you have a dog that likes to chew, so much so even that he may be chewing shoes or other things in your house that are supposed to be off limits, redirect him or her with a carrot. They also serve as a polishing tool because of the texture of the veggie. Carrots are all around a great treat for dogs' teeth.

Anal Glands

Anal glands are a relatively common problem with dogs, especially puppies. If your puppy or dog is having trouble naturally expressing his or her anal glands (rubbing butt on the ground, licking at butt, that obnoxious and mysterious fishy smell you've been wondering about), before you go putting him on a high-fiber diet, simply add some carrots to the pup's diet. This will help strengthen the bowel release so that your pup can have an easier time naturally expressing his anal glands, making the fishy smell and butt to ground action go away. It's also a lot less expensive. Read the entire article

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