Thursday, August 11, 2011

Caring for Senior Pets

A relationship with a companion animal can be one of the most rewarding experiences we humans encounter in our lifetimes. In the last 20 years, medical science has repeatedly shown that having a dog or cat in your life can result in health benefits for you, including improved, self-reported mental and physical health, and even fewer doctor visits compared to no-pet people. Additionally, caring for pets can help us to develop a greater sense of responsibility, elevate our own sense of self-worth and foster a mutually beneficial bond that enriches not only our lives but those of our pets, too.

If you have ever enjoyed the distinct pleasures of having a senior dog, you know that they tend to be well-behaved, without the boundless energy (and chew-everything tendencies) of puppies, which, quite frankly, can sometimes be exhausting. For these and many other reasons, senior dogs can make excellent companions for senior citizens. Read the entire article

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