Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pet Fire Alert

A Griffin firefighter has created a way for homeowners to let first responders know there are pets in a home.

Called Pet Fire Alert, the product developed by Griffin Fire-Rescue Battalion Chief Rick Rickerson is an outdoor information system to alert emergency personnel that a pet is in a home. He based it on his training and personal experience.

Standard firefighter protocol calls for the incident commander to walk around a home looking for clues regarding the fire and number of occupants and to locate the electric meter to turn off the power for firefighter and occupant safety.

Rickerson said, “I suggest (homeowners) mount (the system) on the wall by the meter.”

The container contains information such as the number of pets, type of animals and areas to search, as well as a couple of leashes to secure rescued pets and contact information for care for the animals. There are also signs for the mailbox and a yard sign similar to burglar alarm signs. Read the entire article

Click here to read more about the product

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