Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to Calm a Dog Afraid of Fireworks

Usually being afraid of fireworks means the dog is afraid of other loud sounds, such as thunder, drill saws and even vacuum cleaners. Dogs who were never afraid of sounds before can suddenly become sound sensitive as they grow older.

There are three steps to do now to calm a dog afraid of fireworks.

Desensitize at least a week prior to fireworks. Pair good things with sound sensitivities.

Use calming tools such as music, a thundershirt and a safe place.

Dogs intensely afraid of fireworks and other loud sounds may have had a bad experience connected to the sound, are highly sensitive or view the sound as a part of the environment to fear.

Stress signals include panting, trying to escape, pacing, drooling, hiding, tail tucked, head down and even irritability. Read the entire article

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