Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Promeris - Discontinued

Madison, N.J. — Pfizer will discontinue distribution of ProMeris, a topical veterinary flea-and-tick treatment for dogs and cats, by fall, the company tells DVM Newsmagazine. “It currently doesn’t fit within the strategic animal-health portfolio,” explains Joseph Donner, a spokesman for Pfizer.

ProMeris was launched by Fort Dodge in the fall 2007 and was touted as the first spot-on topical using the active ingredient metaflumizone. ProMeris for Dogs also was indicated for the control of Demodectic mange mites and chewing lice. Read the entire article


"A recent groundbreaking study of clinical, histological and immunological data of 22 cases of Pemphigus foliaceus, or PF, shows evidence that it can occur as an adverse drug reaction to the canine flea and tick preventive ProMeris." Read the entire article

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