Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Versions of Advantage® and K9 Advantix®

Dr. Karen Becker's Comments: "I guess Bayer Animal Health’s idea of a ‘next generation’ flea and tick product is one that contains even more chemical pesticides than previous formulations.

By the way – please don’t be fooled by the benign-sounding description of pyriproxyfen as an ‘insect growth regulator.’

It’s a chemical pesticide. ‘Growth regulator’ is a euphemism for killing agent.

As an active ingredient in spot-on flea and tick formulas, pyriproxyfen is a newer chemical and there aren’t many reports available on adverse effects. However, EPA tests of pyriproxyfen on rodents showed decreased body weight and toxicity in the offspring of animals exposed to the chemical." Read the entire article

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