Sunday, May 18, 2008

Shelter Stories

Patrick McDonnell just might be an animal shelter's best friend. For the last decade, twice a year, he has put "shelter stories" front and center in his nationally syndicated comic strip, MUTTS Readers of more than 700 newspapers around the country have laughed—and probably teared up a time or two—at the stories of loss and love reflected in his strip.

Now, with the release of his hard cover book, "Shelter Stories: Love. Guaranteed.", readers can celebrate stories about animal shelter pets—and the caring people who work at animal shelters—year-round.

The book contains reprints of more than 100 of McDonnell's Shelter Stories strips, alongside color photos of 70 adopted dogs, cats, bunnies and other pets who were selected from thousands of entries submitted by grateful adopters.

You can buy "Shelter Stories" online and wherever books are sold.

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1 comment:

Donna said...

That's so cool that he's done that. We don't get the paper so didn't know about this. It's amazing how many people work to educate the general public on things. Sometimes it just takes a paradigm shift to get people to see things differently and all those who are involved in making that happen are surely saints!

I must add that I consider YOU as one of them :-)