Saturday, July 3, 2010

Distress Remedy

Distress Remedy is a homeopathic flower medicine that provides relief for minor accidents, injuries and bruises; pain and inflammation; and emotional upset due to physical trauma.

Flower remedies have served well in several areas of pet care, including:

• Aiding in learning, cognitive skills
• Fears, phobias, anxiety
• Confidence and enjoyment of life
• Obsessive/compulsive disorders
• Recuperation from surgery, trauma or illness
• Rescue and rehabilitation of traumatized pets and wildlife

Distress Remedy is easy to administer to animals. It can be added to your pet’s food or water bowl. My recommendation for pets is four drops of Distress Remedy up to four times a day, or eight drops twice a day if you would like to add it to your pet’s meal. Other ways of administering it are to put the drops on your hand and let your pet lick it off. You can also add it to small pieces of bread or absorbent dog/cat biscuits/treats, which makes for a great training reward. It can be otherwise absorbed via the skin if it is difficult to administer drops via the mouth or via a bit of food when an animal is in distress.

Adults: Take 10–15 drops under the tongue every 10–15 minutes, or as needed until symptoms improve. Then decrease to every one to two hours, then to four times daily until symptoms are relieved.

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