Friday, July 6, 2007

Spot On Flea Killers

Are “Spot-On” Flea Killers Safe?

"Absolutely not, says our author, despite what the commercials say. Empting as it may be to simplistically consider fleas as horrible insects, the bane of dogs everywhere, poisoning your dog in a vain attempt to wipe fleas out of existence doesn’t really make sense. Even though more than half a billion dollars annually are spent on products that kill fleas in that vain pursuit. Of course fleas can make dogs (and everyone else in the household) perfectly miserable. But it’s not as if using toxic fleakilling chemicals is the only way to control fleas.

When we attempt to get rid of our dogs’ fleas by utilizing chemicals that are toxic to the brain and nervous system, that may disrupt hormone (endocrine) systems, and that cause cancer, it’s sort of like burning the house down to get rid of ants – effective, sure, but what are you left with?"

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